WELL, when you put it that way!

I’ll be expecting the best pampering from the most dashing CEO there is. ; )

Oh ho ho that there is, huh?

I suppose now I have no choice. You won’t know what hit’chu. 




Haha, it’s nothing, really. And I was just yanking your chain back there, you don’t have to get me anything.


But if you want to, I definitely won’t stop you.

-snickers- Who would I be if I didn’t do everything ten times better than the person before me? 

I’m going to spoil the heck out of the prettiest girl I know. 


Like keeping your cactuses on your desk is soooo much different.

But fine, here you go.


Happy Easter and everything else, Entre.

………Aww…oh my gosh…

This is…really nice of you. Thank you.

-holds it to himself- 

…Um…I’ll get you more later, but…

-leans in and gives him a quick kiss-

Uhh-ahahaa… -blushes deeply- Yeaaahh!…


Uh huh, I’m the weird one, cactus boy.

Now do you want your gift or not? : )K

I don’t keep my cacti in my roommm-uh!! >:T

But, yes, I would love my gift. :) -holds out hands-


My room, maaybe.

HOoooly crap.

Ha ha who keeps eggs in their room? You’re weeeiiirrrddd.


Uhh…oh! I know.

Let’s just say I got a few eggs for you to hunt for.

………-squint at him-…………………

Where do I have to look?


Me, myself, and I.

Don’t forget the easter eggs too~


-leans his chin on his hand- I forgot how demanding you could be.

I’ll bury you in gifts later, but what’d you get for me? :)

How'd this past year treat you, Entre?


Things are on an up and up…so 

Busy busy busy! 

I’ve had a break or two, but deeffinitely no time for a blog anymore. If I want to be good at what I do.


Perfect, I’ll be waiting for that cake and chocolates and we can call it even! ; )

Waaaiittt a minute.

Who said anything about cake or chocolate?


B (

That’s not in February.

Ha ha ha :)  Oops!!!!!!! Of course it isn’t!!

I was just testing you!!



Oh… Happy Valentines’ Day.